Let’s (Temporarily?) Suspend Anything and Everything That Reminds People of the Aurora Shooting

As we all know, a heinous tragedy occurred on the 20th of July: yet another senseless mass shooting during a midnight screening of the film The Dark Knight Rises, in Aurora, Colorado, which left twelve people dead and injured dozens of others. As shocking, horrifying and tragic as this was, the senselessness didn’t stop there.

They decided to pull the trailer for a crime movie, Gangster Squad, from The Dark Knight Rises and the internet. Holy crap. And all because of a short glimpse, maybe five seconds, where the characters open fire in a theater. Of course, they refused to pull The Dark Knight Rises from the theaters, itself, because making money off a terrible tragedy has always been America’s way.

Sure, this whole trailer-pulling thing is probably a temporary measure. Sure, Gangster Squad has nothing to do with this tragedy, but what will people think? That Warner Bros. has no heart because they refused to pull a trailer which has nothing to do with anything but also keep the very movie that the shooting occurred during?

I’ve been reading comments all over by people who say this was a good idea because nobody wants to be reminded of the tragedy. But in my opinion, they didn’t go far enough with the whole getting-rid-of-things-that-might-remind-people-of-the-tragedy thing. It’s like if these things were temporarily suspended, people could forget that twelve people died and dozens were injured.

First of all, pull The Dark Knight Rises from the theaters. That seems obvious enough. Oh, and get rid of Batman altogether. Maybe change the name ‘Dark Knight’ to something else. It’s negative and nobody wants to be reminded that a black guy shot up some peo—What’s that? It was a white guy? Oh…

Hell, let’s just scrap movie theaters altogether. Nobody needs to pay over ten dollars anymore to sit in a public place with a bunch of obnoxious people to watch really crappy movies, right?

Then let’s get rid of the corporate mainstream media and talking heads, hopefully not temporarily. After all, they have to incessantly remind us people about the horrible tragedy. Probably could do better without them.

Let’s get rid of other comic books, movies, books, television shows, and other works of fiction which have similar situations and scenes of violence but which have nothing to do with anything because they’ll remind people of this awful tragedy.

In fact, what about other tragedies? What about the people who are still affected by the September 11, 2001 attacks? That was a huge tragedy, people are still reminded about it constantly. So let’s get rid of skyscrapers and airplanes and illness and health effects from the tragedy. Those first responders must be glad now.

Then let’s get rid of guns. And the people that use them. And white people. The shooter was white, right? Don’t worry. It’ll be kind of like how we attempted to rid the world of brown people after 9/11. Oh, and temporarily – or maybe not – rename Aurora and Colorado. God knows we need to be reminded of the tragedy by hearing those names again.

That’s just a start. We need to do everything we can to not let people be reminded by the horrible tragedy except for by the tragedy itself. Good news for the survivor who has a bullet lodged somewhere in his torso. Oh god. We should just get rid of the tragedy, too. After all, what reminds people of tragedy more than tragedy? Nothing, that’s what. That should do it. Sure, it’s deluded and nonsensical, but in its own way, it works.


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